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With the exception of Pat Buchanan’s columns and IMPRIMIS, I have been fasting/taking a break from media politics since Nov 6. I have not been listening to or reading Fox News, Dick Morris, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter or any of the other popular political pundits. Nor will I be seeking re-election as Republican County Chair or member of the Republican State Committee.


This is not a retreat; this is just a strategic step back to help regain a constitutional conservative perspective on what has become a house divided by two competing world views: (1) the presidency and the Senate in the hands of one party and (2) the House of Representatives and most governorships in the hands of the other.


For the Republican Party to become anything more than Democrat-Lite, it (or something that replaces it) must clearly articulate and represent the world view of the Founders of our Republic. This will take a realignment, or reformation, of what could/should have been a majority coalition of constitutional conservative political activists Nov 6.


Either from within the Republican Party, or from a coalition that forms outside of it, we must establish a new political unity based on the core constitutional principles of individual rights and limited government.


The problem is that we’re headed towards an unsustainable limitless government by elite bureaucratic edict, a government “of the government, by the government, and for the government” that will inevitably become tyrannical and crush individual rights.


The solution is for Americans who believe we are one nation under God with inalienable individual rights to unite in opposition to the secular-humanistic, relativistic, liberal, progressive world view, characterized by an expanding government of bureaucratic rules and regulations that have the full effect of law without checks, balances or accountability to legislatures or the people who elect them.


I trust there are others like me who are keeping their powder dry, waiting and watching for the new majority to form; some signs are already emerging from our friends at Hillsdale.


For now, I’ll be focusing a majority of time and attention on business, church and family matters; not sure how long this fast will last.



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Buchanan – The Irreconcilable Conflict

Freedom and Tyranny do not coexist; they will be in constant conflict until ultimately Freedom will win.

This from Pat Buchanan is worth reading.


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Maine Delegate Contest Final Report to RNC

For any who may be interested in digging into the truth of the matter regarding the  Republican National Committee “10/10 Compromise” for Maine here is a copy of the RNC report. Follow the link below.

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Majority of Paul Delegates Theatens Boycott – Article

It’s been a busy few days down here in Tampa, here is another article from the Portland Press Herald.


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The Prime Directive in Tampa

Weather permitting, I’ll be in Tampa this week, serving as a  Delegate to the Republican National Convention as part of the “10/10” compromise offered by the Republican National Committee.  The 10/10 compromise is a consequence of RNC rules violations at the Maine State Convention earlier this year.  The RNC compromise provides that 10 Ron Paul Delegates will be seated and 10 Mitt Romney Delegates will be seated in Tampa.

To send Delegates to the Republican National Convention, all Republican State Committees, including Maine, must follow RNC rules for the selection of National Delegates. RNC is both judge and jury regarding individual state compliance of RNC rules.

It’s my understanding that the RNC 10/10 compromise for Maine has been approved by the national Ron Paul and Mitt Romney organizations and that Maine has now accepted the 10/10 compromise.

By agreeing to be seated as part of this compromise, I will be representing all Maine Republicans, especially those with both traditional conservative Republican and libertarian leanings.

Based on my understanding of the 10/10 compromise, I expect all Maine Republicans could agree it’s better for Maine to be represented by the 10/10 Delegates to the Republican National Convention than not at all.

Republicans, Libertarians, many if not most Independents, and conservative-leaning Democrats will also agree that the survival of Our Republic will require all of our energy to reverse the bankrupting slide into a European brand of socialism by returning to the founding American principles of individual liberty and accountability incorporated in our U.S. Constitution and its corresponding free enterprise economic system.

Therefore, the “Prime Directive” of the Republican Party, beginning this week in Tampa, must be to unite and focus on the defeat of Barack Obama and those who share his collectivist ideology in November.

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Portland Press Herald Article

I was interviewed recently by the Portland Press Herald regarding the upcoming GOP Convention in Tampa, FL. Link here:



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Romney and Bain Capital

By: Hon. Hayes Gahagan and Clint Norris

It appears the Bain Capital issue may not have gone away as there’s still considerable misunderstanding about Gov. Romney’s role at Bain and the nature of venture capital in general.  It’s important therefore to separate fact from rhetoric.

What follows is some hopefully useful info on venture capitalists (VCs) in general, and what they do; and also some info on Gov. Romney’s record as compared to what his political opposition is claiming. Our objective is to provide some decent data and objective information that might help voters to better evaluate the candidates:

1. It looks like many people are getting a distorted message about venture capitalists in general and Gov. Romney in particular, and Gov. Romney has not made a significant effort to correct it.

2. In politics, there is a trick used frequently, and that is to “get out there first and define yourself before your opponent can, and then define your opponent in a way that YOU want him defined, a way which makes him less desirable in the voters’ minds — and do it before he can define himself.”

3. Taking a look at the facts below, one will see that the Obama people are following that tactic, pretty successfully.  But here is some fact-based info and the real data:

AA) – VC’s put $ into a company that is about to fail, or that needs to get past a startup, or is getting sold off by a larger company.

BB) – The VCs’ goal is to make the company survive, grow and be successful.  If it fails, they lose money.

CC) – The erroneous word circulating is that VCs squeeze the money out of a company, and then let it fail.  We’ve heard some on the radio say that VCs do this with 90% of the companies in which they invest.  Not true.  A VC would quickly go broke if too many of its companies went bankrupt.  It needs more successes than failures to stay in business, or it, too, will fail.

DD) – Bain did well under Romney – 78% successful in growing companies, 22% non successful.  Many jobs added.  One company – STAPLES, has added 80,000 jobs alone – and that is just one company that Bain helped.  And that is a statement made by the CEO of Staples to a reporter on TV, and the CEO should know the facts on his own company.

EE) – In the Obama campaign video ad, the example given – of a steel company that failed – is deliberately distorting the facts.  The company came to Bain and Bain worked to save it from bankruptcy.  They were successful for 8 years, thus extending the workers’ jobs for 8 years longer than if the company was not accepted by Bain.  The year that the Steel Company failed was the same year that more than 29 other steel companies failed (and they were not owned by Bain) – because the Chinese were dumping their steel on our USA shores and destroying the profitability of our steel industry.  So the Democratic ads left out all the pertinent information regarding this company and the real reason that it failed.

FF) – In summary, Bain was able to save 78% of the companies that it took under its wing, and even the failing steel company (that Bain helped) was able to keep its doors open for 8 more years, thereby extending their employees’ jobs for 8 more years.

Voters are growing weary of political spin doctors. Hopefully, these facts will help to level the playing field on the Romney / Bain Capital issue.

[Hayes Gahagan is a former state senator and currently serves as Chairman of the Aroostook County Republican Committee.

Clint Norris is a retired senior executive with the Dupont Corporation]

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